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Light the Fires
Biker jump
Biker - Game / Runner / Tap Taming

In Biker Jump a player will have to use the maximum of his reflexes, and reaction. Playing as a biker player needs to jump over the ramp on a bike or motorcycle, as well as make steep pirouettes with a jetpack to earn game currency, and to pump his Biker.

Butter Flip
Butter - Game / Runner / Third person runner

Butter flip is a fun runner in which the player plays with a piece of butter, ice cream, or even a muffin, who wants to get to the finish line and not melt on the way.

Cop vs Zombie
Zombie - Game / Stealth / Isometric Stealth

In Cop vs Zombie player takes the role of a cop, a tough girl, or a covert ninja, who needs to clear the city from the zombies that infest the city.