About us

Welcome to HYPIE.GAMES
The go-to browser game platform. Just play! We develop real-time games that you can play directly in your browser.

It's easy to join and play, with just a mouse click, and the games are usually continuous, so you can have fun every time. There is no experience needed to start playing, so new players can quickly get the hang of it. However, the game can be challenging to master despite its simplicity. Hypie Games is available to everyone, and you can access it through your browser at any time.

What are the most popular Hypie Games?

  • Biker Jump
  • Butter Flip
  • Cop vs Zombie

Can I play Hypie Games?
Yes, of course. Anyone can join Hypie.Games at any time. Since it is a browser game, it can run on almost any device. Game resources are largely occupied by the game because it runs in the browser. The only requirement for avoiding those is a high-speed network connection and an old computer.The goal of Hypie.Games will always be to make this an amazing place where you can unwind, relax, and reduce stress every day.

HYPIE Mission

Browsers are becoming more powerful than ever! It is our mission to make these extraordinary games shine! We work hard every day to create the best environment for developers and gamers to discover new ways to play in the browser.

Make Your Game Shine

We are dedicated to making browser games as good as possible. Technologies for browser games are rapidly evolving. We are at the forefront of this change and provide game developers with the tools to fully utilize the technology.


Company information

Visit www.pm-wolrdwide.agency for more information about PM Worldwide Limited / HypieGames

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If you wish to write to DEPIRO POINT, Block A2 TRIQ MONS. G. DEPIRO SLIEMA, Malta SLM 2033, you can do so at the following address.